Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haybales Galore

The hay bales are everywhere here in Tennessee. I will once again paint them until the cows come home. This one was painted on Tuesday afternoon. Clouds were encroaching on the battlefield. I plan to paint several larger plein air pieces this summer. I have ordered two dozen larger panels. Oh yeah, and some larger brushes.


  1. On the hi-res view, I keep staring at the subtle temperature/value transitions in the trees. Maybe if I stare long enough I'll learn by osmosis.

  2. Awesome painting Jason! I didn't realize how difficult hay bales are to paint until I tried them on location. They have to lay just right to look convincing, and you do them so well.

  3. Jason,

    Great painting! You guys are lucky to have round bales. I love the geometric shapes they make. In Idaho we only have square bales (not as interesting in my opinion?. Thanks for posting...I'd love to see a similar pic of one of your stil lifes. Thanks for posting!